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Finding the resolve to keep those resolutions

Many New Year’s resolutions have been broken by now. Losing weight, exercising more, quitting smoking and reducing stress are laudable goals, but not easy to maintain. The good folks at Saint Louis University in Missouri bring us some tips for sticking to our resolutions.

Set attainable goals Instead of saying, “I’m going to reduce my stress,” tell yourself how you will get there. For example, make a schedule that includes yoga three times a week.

Have a support system Ask friends and family to help you.

Declare your goals Tell your family doctor or other trusted health professional what you are planning to do. This will ensure that the plan is safe to begin with and, once you are underway, will mean you are accountable to someone you respect.

Be positive Instead of thinking about what you are giving up, picture yourself as you will be when you achieve your goals. For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight, think about how good you will feel in a new, smaller size spring wardrobe.