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Finding your own business niche online

No Size Fits All
Authors: Tom Hayes & Michael S. Malone
Publisher: Portfolio
Price: $32.50

The Internet has been a boom for many businesses, but at the same time the rise in the Internet has meant that anyone can compete for business because the entrance barrier is so affordable.

The result ismajor institutionsbeing toppled because our consumption behaviour has changed. Libraries, video stores, and broadcasters are all scrambling to figure out how to save themselves, but for many of them, it’s too late.

Authors Tom Hayes and Michael S. Malone speak to this phenomenon from a marketing perspective and illustrate how technology has shifted, how the public consumes marketing, or more specifically,how consumers simply don’t respond to the old style, generic mass-advertising model.

“Before mass media trained us to think and act alike, people marketed their wares directly to one another in a social context.”

We are seeing resurgence in what the authors refer to as hand selling.

The abundance of these insular niche groups has made it very difficult for marketers to penetrate.But the reality is that once you have achieved buy-in from the group, these consumers will prove to be very lucrative to hold.

A very interesting read, though sometimes a bit academic.If you haven’t figured out how to become a niche player, pencil it in.

Craig Lund, a director with the staffing firm Marketers on Demand, can be reached at craig.lund@marketersondemand.com

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