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Five Minutes with Santa Claus

Santa Claus arrived at the Chinook Centre on Nov. 26 and will be there until Christmas Eve. He is currently documenting the funny and adorable things kids say “Hi” to in The Santa Diaries on Facebook and Twitter.

So, you’re here right until Dec. 24?
I’m here right until Christmas Eve and then, as you know, we’ve got quite a busy night that night.

When did you start doing The Santa Diaries?
The Santa Diaries came about a few years ago. I started noticing how many children had some very remarkable things to say and I started getting my elves to note some of these things. And last year I took it a little further and this year I have a Facebook page and a Twitter page. I think, as Santa Claus, it’s a great privilege to be able to hear a lot of what these children have to say and sometimes it’s surprising. It’s always heartwarming and a lot of the time it brings me a little laughter. Being that Christmastime is a time for sharing, I just thought that it would be a nice thing to share some of these comments with everybody out there.

ny funny stories that come to mind from this year?
There’s so many of them. Just yesterday, one thing that I always ask the children just to make sure they’re being honest is have they been a good boy or a good girl this year. And yesterday I had a very, very honest little girl who said, “Santa, I’ve been a lot of bad and a little bit good this year.” Quite adorable. Just because of her incredible honesty I had to forgive right then and there.

Have you had any particularly heartwarming moments?
There’s one little girl that comes to mind who visited me about two weeks ago and one thing that I always ask children is what is their favourite thing about Christmas. The answer I generally get is toys or presents, which is perfectly understandable, they’re very exciting. But one little girl in particular said, “I love my Christmas dress and I love my mommy and I love my daddy.” I thought that was absolutely adorable. That was the best answer I’ve ever gotten.

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