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Flagging system critical for online content

As a Calgary website defends itself for allowing a racist house-for-sale posting to make its way online, Calgarians debate the merits of the ad being posted to begin with.

Most Calgarians were outraged that the ad stating “white buyer only” was allowed to run on a website for two days until it was taken down but local social media expert Roger Kondrat said it’s up to individual websites to determine their content.

“Unfortunately, it’s a community site and if they have a flagging system, it’s important for people to flag things that they would consider inappropriate for the system to work,” Kondrat said.

“But perhaps the website could learn from this.”

CalgaryFinder.com said “it would take days to review every single ad” and that is why they rely on the flagging system.

“This was just one ad out of 2.5 million ads posted in the last few years that was racist,” spokes­person Nancy Steiner said.

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