Flash mob bride, groom walk fickle line of fame – Metro US

Flash mob bride, groom walk fickle line of fame

About 10 days and more than 137,347 hits after their flash mob nuptials at the Prudential Center was posted on YouTube, bride Caroline Turcksin and groom Jon Kleiman still haven’t been recognized on the street.

“It’s sort of a nice balance, getting to giggle about people seeing this and not having the annoyance of people recognizing us,” Kleiman, 25, said.

The Needham couple has appeared on national TV shows to talk about the choreographed dance to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” that morphed into their wedding in the middle of the mall on Dec. 12.

“We think life and weddings should be fun,” said Kleiman, who is job hunting. “That’s the basic reason. The second part of it is my wife’s family is from Belgium and we wanted to have some sort of ceremony that would not leave them left out; a more informal way we could share online.”

The bride’s brother was the only member of her family to participate in the 70-member flash mob.