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Flexibility is the Spice of life

On a street lined with run-of-the-mill brick and concrete structures, the Spice condominium complex is a stunning combination of spice-inspired colours — the warm red of cinnamon, the citrus-y green of cardamom, and the vibrant yellow of curry.

Located on the corner of Barrington Street and Cornwallis Street, the collection of loft-style condominiums is nothing less than art.

Halifax interior designer Denise Hermanson of DH Design was in charge of designing Spice’s guest suite. What’s a guest suite?

Well, unless you have spare bedrooms, having overnight guests can sometimes feel like a burden, right? Spice solves that problem by boasting a fully-furnished guest suite. Owners are able to rent for their visitors, at a cheaper rate than a hotel room. It’s been a popular solution, because it allows company to have their own space — and you don’t have to feel crowded by your, uh, lovely guests.

“I wanted to keep the space minimal, and consistent with the look and feel of the building’s architecture and common areas —especially with regard to the colours,” Hermanson said. “It feels like it belongs with the rest of the building, and that is key.”

The ultra-modern open-concept suite includes a kitchenette and its own living room, and maintains the loft vibe of the regular suites. The living room sofa is a warm shade of cinnamon, and above it hangs a painting bursting with shades of saffron, paprika and cumin — which are also the names of some of the units in the building.

“I was really driven by space and scale, so I sourced furniture that fit the dimensions first,” said Hermanson, who chose small, sleek tables and slim chairs. “Then I focused on pieces that were simple, with clean lines.”

Spice also includes a fitness club and underground parking, and all owners have access to a storage locker. But their funkiest feature just might be their glass wall system — which allows for maximum flexibility and light penetration. This unique architecture allows you to have more open space while entertaining, and then enjoy the privacy of your bedroom once your company has gone home. Don’t we wish all homes were so flexible?

Units at Spice start at $199,000. For more information on Spice, visit www.polycorp.ca/spice.

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