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Florida Trump supporter lynches Halloween decorations in his front yard


Ghosts, witches, Frankenstein, Trumpkins. There are a number of things you can decorate your yard with for Halloween. This guy decided to go with lynching.

A homeowner in the Miami suburb Kendall reportedly “lynched” two dummies that appear to depict black men in his front yard… right behind a Trump/Pence 2016 sign.

With such heated debate this election aboutbuilding a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, talk of deporting Muslim-Americans and praise for GOP candidate Donald Trump from people like ex-KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, the political support sign is a glaring factor to many who have seen the “decoration.”

The photo has been circulating on social media raising ire for what many are calling a racist depiction, based on the color of the dummies’ faces and the style of clothing they wear.

Three Lakes Property Owners Association, the group that oversees the small community, told The Miami New Times that the photo is authentic.

Orelys Canas, property manager for the community, said she contacted the homeowner and asked him to remove the display, but she has not heard back.

“The association takes it seriously, and everybody’s concerned,” Canas told New Times. “We can only reach out and wait to see if the homeowner responds.”

This isn’t the first time someone thought a lynching scene was a good idea for Halloween yard décor.

In 2015, a man in Utah refused to take down his “hangman” after the NAACP asked him to remove it.

In 2011, a black scarecrow was “lynched” in a Brooklyn yard,as Gothamist reportedat the time. Other yard displays depicting lynchings, including a family of dummies with nooses, have also cropped up on social media.

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