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Flowchart: How to know whether you should send that email

Remember the story of old Atos — the company that revolutionized the world of spam by banning its employees from sending email at any time for any reason?

Well, Atos has been hailed as a pioneer by many for eliminating impersonal contact and instead forcing employees to interact face to face in the hopes that it cuts back on time-wasting through unproductive emails. The move sparked a lot of questions regarding just how much of a worker’s day is squandered by pouring over pointless, non-work related emails.

A flowchart by OnlineITDegree.net seeks to help you answer that burning question of “Should I press send?” Turns out, the answer is almost always “no.” The chart covers everything from cat videos to birthday announcements. It also includes some handy little guidelines if you do send that email:

— NNTR: this stands for “no need to respond.”

— EOM: End of message. This should be put in the body when the only content of the email is one sentence in the subject line.

— 3 sentence rule: Try not to exceed three sentences. If you must, maybe consider delivering the information in person.

Take a look at the chart for the rest of the rules. Don’t be disheartened when you realize that 95% of the emails you send each day probably shouldn’t make the cut.

(via Buzzfeed)

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