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Follow a blueprint and you’ll achieve spring-cleaning success

It seems funny to be writing about the spring cleaning ritual when we have hardly said goodbye to winter.

But fortunately or unfortunately, change is inescapable. As we journey on life’s pathway it’s just one transition after another — whether seasonal, emotional, financial, professional, physical or personal. And I figure if that’s the way it’s gonna be, then lets make the transitions as smooth as possible.

I find the best ways to cope with these undeniable changes are to be organized and have an overall control of your physical space.

It’s really about living simply:?Having a place for everything; being aware of what you have and what you don’t; and living up to the challenge of attaining and maintaining order.

Maybe easier said then done. However, spring is the perfect time to get all your ducks in a row.

Take a minute to day dream and visualize your home completely organized, sparkling clean, free of excess clutter and designed and decorated just the way you’d like.

Ahhh. Now, snap out of it and let’s make a list of the ways to ensure your dreams become reality:

  • Write down in detail what you visualize for your space.

  • Browse through decor magazines and tear out to pages that encapsulate your vision.

  • Make a collage with the clippings and paint chips. Place the collage on the wall for inspiration.

  • Make a to-do list for each area, i.e. kitchen, closet, office, bedroom. Work on one area at a time.

  • Sort items into categories using temporary boxes; label boxes.

  • For very tedious and time-consuming projects such as managing paper and photos place projects in labelled bins. Then leave these tasks to last, or else you might get defeated.

  • Take recycling, garbage and charity items out of the house ASAP.

  • Temporarily move as many items as you can from a room for easy cleaning.

  • Vacuum floors, furniture, drapery — and even the back of the fridge — using a HEPA filter to control dust.

  • Damp-dust baseboards, walls, window frames and picture frames.

  • If you’re painting, choose your colour carefully to set the mood of the room.

  • Do a visual inventory of your furniture pieces to see if you can use something you already have in a different way.

  • More thrifty decorators can visit secondhand shops, auction houses and garage sales to find deals. Remember to negotiate.

  • When planning the layout of a room, measure both the space and the items you want to bring in.

  • Measure the entrance, stairways, halls and doorways if you plan on moving pieces into or around the house.

Well, then. With your blueprint in hand, you’ll be well on your way to make your spring cleaning a true success.

Bring your organizing questions and come out and meet me at Life Fest, March 30 to April 1 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building. Join me at my organizing seminar March 30 at noon.


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