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Food fights and fertility celebrated at freaky festivals

Looking for something a little different to do with your holidays? Try attending one of these freaky festivals.

Buñol, Spain
When: Last Wednesday in August
What: La Tomatina is the world’s largest food fight — 30,000 people fill the town’s main square, hell bent on throwing as many tomatoes as they can. Tractors dump piles of overripe ammo on the streets and for 90 minutes it’s as much fun as it’s possible to have with a vine-ripened fruit.

Lopburi, Thailand
When: The last weekend in November.
What: Love ‘em or hate ‘em you just can’t ignore these ill-tempered simians. That’s the chief reason behind the Monkey Buffet. The town authorities decided the best way to placate the local monkey population was to lay out a delicious lunch including everything from peanuts to watermelon to crab, all washed down with cola.

Throughout Bali
When: March 16
What: OK, it’s really the balinese New Year which is supposed to be spent in total silence without the distraction of lights, television, radios, food, or sex. Security guards, patrol the streets to ensure the rules are observed.

Ivrea, Italy
When: February 13 – 16
What: The Orange Battle Carnival in Ivrea, Italy, sees people from all over the country come to throw oranges at each other. It’s not all fun and games — those oranges hurt. The citrus-based battle represents a medieval insurrection against Rome.

When: First Sunday in April
What: Kanamara Matsuri is a slightly disturbing celebration of the penis on the streets of Kawasaki. Actually a slightly-bastardized Shinto fertility festival in which the male member takes centre stage on huge floats, parades, even candy.

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