For the sake of women everywhere, don’t call Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton ‘curvy’ – Metro US

For the sake of women everywhere, don’t call Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton ‘curvy’

The big secret has been revealed, fellas, 19-year-old model from Michigan, Kate Upton, is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover model.

The official announcement will be made Monday night on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” though the information was leaked earlier in the day.

Upton is no stranger to Sports Illustrated as she was titled Rookie of the Year in 2011.

Upton is stunning. She has the blond, All-American look going for. One work that’s being thrown around to describe her, though, is ‘curvy.’ Trust us, we’re rolling our eyes too.

For Pete’s sake! Just because this girl doesn’t have A-cup sized boobs doesn’t make her curvy.

We’ve attached two photos below. One is of Upton, fully clothed. It’s a no-brainer that this girl is clearly a model. Who would ever dare call her curvy?

Then there is the Sports Illustrated cover. Clearly this photo has been touched by the magic tools of Photoshop, and it doesn’t help that Upton is wearing a swimsuit several sizes too small, but what planet do the people calling her curvy live on?

According to an article from the Washington Post: “She said living a healthy lifestyle for her includes working out regularly with a personal trainer and watching what she eats. But there’s no special diet to prepare for a bikini shoot, she said, and she admits to splurging on the occasional ice cream or plate of fries.”

She’s human, folks! She eats ice cream and fries. It really ruffles our feathers that someone with hips, cleavage and an occasional sweet tooth has been labeled ‘curvy.’ Have we stooped that low as a society, readers? Are we just that shallow?

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