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Foreman: What next after rollocking GOP debate?


Let’s face it: Some days watching politics can be like watching other people make out – sure, it’s fun for them, but what do I get out of it?

Lately, however, I’ve been having a blast eyeballing this free-for-all barroom brawl that is passing for a presidential election. And I think this week may be one for the record books – here are my three things to watch.

1)Republican Punch Up: The broken bones have been splinted, and the ice packs handed out following the weekend debate; watch for the GOP’ers to roar back out on the trail looking for revenge. They’ve dropped all pretense of “never speaking ill of a fellow Republican” as Reagan urged.Trump and Cruz will keep trading body blows, the rest of the gang will keep savaging each other, and everyone will keep hoping to be the last man standing. Next trial match: South Carolina on Saturday. Expect no gloves, no surrender, and no mercy until that vote is done.

2)Dem-olition Crew: The Democratic contenders spent a couple of months chortling at the raging Repubs, but now they’ve got a war all their own.

I,for one, can’t wait to see what comes next in the increasingly fierce battle for the Democratic nomination, or as I like to call it Sharknado Five. Sanders will mainly counterattack – it is his nature. But heading into the Nevada Caucuses which are also on Saturday, watch for Camp Clinton to try to bite down hard and draw serious blood. She must come out of the next contest with a solid win, or that campaign shake-up I’ve been predicting becomes a sure thing.

3)Race Relations: The most important subtext of the Democratic contest right now is the battle for minority voters. Make no mistake, this is dicey territory where the line between pandering and politicking can be very thin. Clinton has an edge, but if she tries to play it too hard it could go bad fast – with costly consequences.

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