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Forget Jurassic Park — this is a whole forest

Looking to meet a 65-million-year-old dinosaur? Try Jurassic Forest.

Diane Boyer took her grandson to the park yesterday and said her expectations were exceeded.

“I didn’t think they’d (dinosaurs) look so real and make the sounds,” she said.

The animatronic dinosaurs moved and called out when visitors triggered the sensors as they walked by. Other visitors were pleased with how kid-friendly the park is and how the forest still flourished.

When building the park, keeping the forest intact was top priority.

“The trail is on elevated blocks so we’re not even touching the floor so the natural flora can thrive,” said Greg Suess, manager of Jurassic Forest.

Near each dinosaur and present-day animals and plants were visible signs with descriptive information.

“We want to teach the kids and families about dinosaurs … but we want to talk about the species in your local forest,” said Suess.

Since the doors of the park opened last week, the response from the public has exceeded expectations.

Guests can look forward to new additions to the park in the near future such as an indoor learning centre and real dinosaur fossils.

Jurassic Forest is located just 15 minutes north of Edmonton, just off of Highway 28A and Township Road 564.

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