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Forget the gym, go fix your career

Don’t promise yourself to lose 10 pounds. Or finally clean out that junk drawer. Setting goals to improve your work environment will lead to a happier and healthier 2010.

And because we are embarking on a whole new work year, we asked various career experts for suggestions you can use when making New Year’s resolutions for 2010 — even if you don’t currently have a job.

Take action now
“I would say that a great career resolution would be for people who are miserable with their job to get their resume updated and put their feelers out for a new job. Don’t sit around waiting for the economy to get better; start looking anyway.”

Deborah Walker – Career coach, former headhunter and corporate recruiter

Just say ‘no’
“Learn to say ‘no.’ It’s easy for an increasing number of causes, from social media and other communication channels, to distract us from being the best at what we do. Focus instead on prioritizing activities that will give you an edge in your chosen profession. Time is a precious commodity. Spend it wisely.”

Dan Bobinski – Training specialist, author, speaker and president of the Center for Workplace Excellence

Befriend your co-workers
“Numerous workplace studies show that the most satisfied employees are those who foster friendships in the workplace. Don’t forget that boundaries are crucial in order to maintain professionalism, but having a close friend can make the daily grind much more tolerable.”

Editors of the job search engine JuJu.com.

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