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Former C’s trade jerseys for suits

The Celtics’ four-game road trip is a unique one. While it makes sense to be looking ahead to the playoffs, it’s a perfect time to look back — way back.

With former 1980s stars Danny Ainge, Kevin McHale and Larry Bird all holding front office jobs in recent years (Sorry, Kev), it’s very clear which one is the smartest.

Ainge pulled the wool over McHale’s eyes with the trade that sent Kevin Garnett to Boston. Because of the trade, the C’s have a championship under their belt — and hope to add one more this season.

The Wolves? Well, let’s just say the trade didn’t work out so well for them. All the players the Celtics traded in the deal for Garnett are no longer with the team, and one of the first-round draft picks sent to Minnesota was used to draft Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio (he has yet to play a game in Minnesota). Meanwhile, the Timberwolves have been cellar-dwellers since the trade.

Bird hasn’t had much luck either in the Indiana front office. Mediocre — at best — for some time, the Pacers are fighting for the last playoff spot in the East. Longtime head coach Jim O’Brien, who formerly coached the Celtics, was just fired.

That may light a temporary spark for Indiana, which holds the eighth and final spot in the East. However, the Pacers are in no position to make a legitimate playoff run. (Last night’s Pacers-Celtics game ended too late for Metro).

So, as nice as it would sound to get the old band back together, maybe it’s not such a great idea. Celtics fans might be second-guessing Ainge’s latest trade that sent Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City, but — if history is any indication — he did it with a firm plan in mind.

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