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Former Jets player Burgess Owens disgusted by Dems, voting for Donald Trump

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Burgess Owens knows a thing or two about being able to deliver a hard hit, the former NFL safety who spent 10 seasons in the NFL is now delivering hits as a political author, speaker and advocate, taking on a Democratic Party that he believes has hurt the African-American community.

When Owens retired from football in 1972, he didn’t plan on becoming political or an activist. After seven seasons in the NFL with the New York Jets and three seasons with the Oakland Raiders, Owens transitioned to the business world. He was an entrepreneur who started his own business and ran it, eventually transitioning into corporate sales. But during this time he went through a period where he re-evaluated his thoughts and mentality on government and politics, seeing how it affected his life and the livesof those around him.

Owens began to look and see things that troubled him, causing him to question his political outlook. He grew up and voted Democrat “because that’s just what you did.” Yet with time, he saw things on the political left that didn’t align with his personal world view.

He may not have planned a career in politics, but from an early age he was in fact very political. In seventh grade Owens, the son of a World War II veteran, remembers reading about a civil rights demonstration that was to take place near his home. The target of the protest was the theater at Florida State University, which was segregated at the time.

Despite being in middle school, he enlisted his friends to join the protest and convinced his family to let him participate. He got to the protest site outside the theater and found that all of his friends had bailed on him. Undeterred, he participated in the demonstration, the youngest participant among “mainly adults and college kids.”

But it would be years later after he was done starring in the NFL when Owens would begin to examine his vote and why and how he voted, eventually leaving the Democratic Party because herealized he”wasn’t a liberal” even though that’s how hevoted all those years.Hewas a conservative.

“When you look at the history of the black race, the success isn’t being talked about. From the 100 years following the Civil War, there wasn’t a more productive, aggressive, successful, industrious race than the black race. We were a race to be dealt with. We were very successful,” Owens told Metro in a phone interview. He is the author of the new book Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps.

“We as blacks had the highest percentage of entrepreneurs as any race in the country. We had the highest percentage of men to enter into marriage in the country – now, 83 percent of black teen males are unemployed…as they continue they will not learn about successful work ethics; 70 percent of black men abandon their children and have forsaken marriage… 40 percent of black boys drop out of high school and another 40 percent drop out of college. Black-on-black crime is through the roof because they have no future, they have no vision, no hope and they are not being taught that being a true man means being the provider for their family.

“It is because of the Democratic Party, and their decades of anti-black Democratic policies that has caused this sense of hopelessness. The fact that we’ve had eight years under the leadership a black Democratic President and there’s been no national conversation as the misery index for the black community has only gotten worse, speaks to the heart of the Democratic Party. The topic of the black community only becomes one when its time to vote for [the Democrats]. Their specialty is breeding black voters.”

It is a viewpoint that he says makes him unpopular among many African-Americans, who have labeled him a “turncoat.” In the 2012 presidential election, only 5 percent of African-Americans voted Republican.But he sees himself as a bit of a prophet, sharing a conservative message to a community whose ideals he thinks fall-in-line with the Republican platform.

He takes aim as well at entertainment and the media, a popular target also of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In his crosshairs isthe NAACP, which Owens said was started by “21 wealthy, white, socialist, Marxist Democrats in the middle of a Martin Luther King Sr. community of Christian, Capitalist, entrepreneurs, black Republicans.

“The end result is Black Lives Mater,” Owens said. “We have these young people who have no idea what freedom, opportunity and the ‘American Dream’ is about. They believe that another race is capable and responsible for their failure. They choose not to consider any of their own personal choices of dropping out school, having babies before marriage, disrespect for authority…all things necessary for all cultures to succeed… are ignored. But this has been for 15 years the message to them by white liberal Democrat owned BET. Black Entertainment Television has been the absolute worst thing to ever happen to the black race because of the stereotype it has , with stealth, pushed on our young poor. The message has been [that] if you are a black American who is moral, has a vision, articulate, seeks education, dresses respectfully, studies hard and dares to think outside of black ‘Group Think’– you are targeted as an Uncle Tom turncoat.”

A return to entrepreneurship is key to helping out the African-American community, he says. He also believes in Judeo-Christian values to help rectify some issues. Come this November it will be Donald Trump who will get his vote.

“Which party believes in the Judeo-Christian values we hold to? If you’re a capitalist its time we stop voting for Democrat Socialists,” Owens said.“If we’re Christian we need to stop voting for Democratic atheist candidates. Let’s stop voting for those who don’t support our values. If we do that, if we pull back the curtain and we’ll find that its not about race after all…it is about ideology. It is socialism, Marxism and atheism versus our Judeo Christian values, capitalism and the ‘American Way’ of viewing each other from inside out and not judging from outside in. When Americans finally realize that we’re in a fight for the very soul of our country, we will do what Americans have always done best and we will man-up/ woman-up and win.”

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