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Former MuchMusic VJ trades in travel for TV success

Hannah Simone’s remarkable life has played out in politics, travel, international health advocacy and now a TV sitcom!

The former host of WCG Ultimate Gamer and MuchMusic’s acclaimed daily series, NewMusic, says she moves countries every three or four years.

But given the enthusiastic response her first network sitcom New Girl’s getting, she may kiss her nomadic existence goodbye in favour of long-term tenure in Hollywood.

Simone plays Cece, Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess’ best friends and we talked all about it in Toronto.

You play Zooey Deschanel’s sexy best friend in New Girl. There is such intelligence even in the few appearances she made in the pilot, and she’s wickedly witty.

Yes absolutely! I was so excited when I read the script to see that both women on the show are confident, smart women who know exactly who they are and that the two women were so supportive of each other.

Women on TV shows are often pitted against each other. (Deschanel had a hand in picking Simone. She tells us “I read with every single person who came in for call backs, I liked being a part of the casting process, it’s really eye opening for me as an actress and it allowed me to experiment with my character and allowed me to see who I would work best with.”)

Cece doesn’t spare Jess’ three new male roommates.

This is the thing. She seems harsh. But she just found out her emotionally devastated friend has moved in with three men she met on Craigslist.

What would happen if a sister or best friend showed up? They would look as tough and hard as you can get. Nothing less than the threat of murder to get the point across! It’s the situation, not the character.

It’s true you have to leave the apartment and not let them do anything or suffer the consequences. Fear is the greatest motivator.

They balance each other. Cece is the voice of reason and Jess … is not.

She’s going through a big breakup; she walks in on her boyfriend cheating on her.

She has her best friend, we all have them, and they balance each other. If one has a weak moment, my job as her friend is natural as someone who loves you can step up and take the reins and be strong and help her. You’ll see later in the season I have moments where she has to take care of me. It’s what real life is like, that’s what I like so much about this show. It’s not a boxed situation.

New Girl airs Tuesday’s at 9 p.m. on Citytv.

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