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Four foods that fight breast cancer

There are some 23,000 new cases of breast cancer in Canada each year, but what you eat can be an important tool in lowering your risk. Here are some examples, rounded up by registered dietitian Matthew Kadey.

Mushrooms: A recent study found that higher mushroom intake by premenopausal women resulted in a lower risk of breast cancer. Add them to scrambled eggs and stir fries, and chop them finely and add to ground meat for burgers or meatloaf.

Pomegranate: The seeds (also called arils) are high in ellagic acid, an antioxidant that may help inhibit breast cancer development. You can garnish oatmeal or rice with the seeds, or add pure pomegranate juice to smoothies or a glass of water.

Lentils: Not only are these budget friendly and really easy to cook with, they are loaded with folate, fibre and lots of other nutrients that may help stave off breast cancer. Try them in tacos, or toss them with pasta and chopped fresh vegetables for an easy weeknight dish.

Salmon: It’s one of the few foods to contain vitamin D in significant amounts, and researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto determined that an increased intake of D is associated with a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Make tonight’s dinner a quadruple disease-fighting punch: Grill a salmon steak and have it with a lentil-pomegranate-mushroom stir fry on the side.

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