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Frankie Cosmos on the DIY music scene, growing up and hypothetical pet dogs

Frankie Cosmos on the DIY music scene, growing up and hypothetical pet dogs

Some people start a blog just to get their feelings out, but never expect anyone to read it. When Greta Kline began recording songs from her bedroom and self-releasing them online, people actually listened.

Born in New York City and the daughter of actors Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, Kline created Frankie Cosmos as an alias to release her bedroom recordings on Bandcamp. The indie artist released her first album as Frankie Cosmos, “Zentropy,” with her backing band in 2014, and the album was named New York magazine’s #1 Pop album of 2014. Two years later, Kline released her second album, “Next Thing” last April and is now starting her U.S./Europe summer tour.

This witty-but-sweet singer-songwriter got into the DIY music scene at a young age and has used its intimate community to connect with other artists and throw out her thoughts on the mundane and heavy questions in life for anyone who will listen.

What got you interested in the All Ages DIY music scene?

I guess it’s pretty different now when I was a kid. There were quite a few all ages venues in New York that were cool, and there was a newspaper that listed all the shows. I feel like I had a really good time getting into the music and meeting cool people. [Now,] a lot of the venues closed. There’s a smaller scene that’s maybe harder to find your way in. I probably wouldn’t have known about the cool stuff going on if it weren’t for my brother [Owen Kline].

Any DIY music artist that you’re interested in currently?

This tour, we got to pick the opening acts for the shows, so I’ve been looking up the Bandcamp listing for each location. It’s been really fun to play shows with people I got into randomly. The tour in April, we took Yowler and Anna McClellan as opening solo acts… I basically meet everyone through friends and going to places and the internet.

In your song “Too Dark,” you ask, “Do I belong?” a question I think a lot of young adults ask themselves. How much of “Next Thing” describes a turning point in your adult life?

I feel a lot of this album is describing [a turning point]. I feel like I’m always at a turning point in my life. [laughs] I wrote it all when I was in an interesting place emotionally and having a lot of questions about life.

Did your family influence your interest in music or performing?

I took piano lessons when I was younger and that was my dad’s [influence]. I don’t think I wanted to perform at all until I saw my brother perform in high school. He’s had more of an influence than my parents.

Anything you want to add about the tour?

I’m really pumped about the Bowery Ballroom concert — that’s a real New York moment for me.

If you go:

August 6 at 8 p.m.
The Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey St., New York City
Tickets: $15