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Fresh Anthony Davis NBA Trade Rumors Celtics buzz involving Kyrie

Anthony Davis. (Photo: Getty Images)
Anthony Davis. (Photo: Getty Images)

If the Celtics can start playing something close to the style of basketball they displayed in their 128-95 romp over the Warriors on a consistent basis, then not only will they become legit contenders for this year’s NBA title but they may also get the attention of Anthony Davis.

Since the start of 2019, Davis has left many to wonder whether or not he would seriously consider playing in Boston short-term (let alone long-term).

The doomsday scenario for the Celtics of Kyrie Irving walking out the door to sign with the Knicks and Davis being traded to the Lakers is still a legit possibility this summer. But for the first time since January there is optimism in Boston on a couple of different fronts.

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First, the Celtics may indeed be able to flip that proverbial switch, as we saw against Golden State. And a pairing of Irving and Davis in Celtics green is again being broached.

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor touched on a potential Irving and Davis Causeway Street marriage this week, with O’Connor bringing up the possibility that Irving could ink a two-year deal in Boston so that his free agency coincides with Davis’ in 2021.

“There’s still a distinct chance the Celtics will trade for Davis, despite some reports on Davis and his family being ambivalent about him wearing Celtics green,” O’Conner wrote. “If Boston lands the Brown, this season’s shenanigans will seem like a bad dream. But even acquiring Davis – one of the no-brainer, do-whatever-you-have-to-do-to-get-him talents in the league – would create question marks.

“In some ways, the pursuit of Davis means extending the marriage with Irving, despite the rocky experiences this season,” O’Conner continued. “It means a commitment to the Celtics as a Superteam. Were the Celtics to trade for Davis and re-sign Irving, they’d enter next season as Finals favorites in the Eastern Conference. But keeping Davis would be another matter. In theory, keeping Irving as a happy Celtic would make Boston a more attractive long-term home for Davis. Several league front office executives I spoke with wondered: Would Irving sign a two-year contract with a player option for the second season to align his free agency with Davis? Irving might be prickly with the media and even those within in the organization, but he is popular with fans, and players around the league like him. Irving has influence.”


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