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Frugal is the new sexy

A rotten economy makes extravagant dating nearly impossible.

Forget full-priced tickets to Arcade Fire or a romantic helicopter ride.

I double dare you to use a coupon on your next date.

According to CouponCabin’s October 2011 survey, nearly 20 per cent of adults have used a coupon on their first date and received a positive reaction.

Of the remaining respondents, 75 per cent said they wouldn’t be offended if their date used a coupon to pay.

Times have changed and it’s no longer frowned upon to be frugal while dating.

In fact, if frugality is one of your core values, saving money while dating is a great way to test whether your partner is financially compatible with you.

Downsize your date and focus on spending free quality time together.

Grab a java and go for a walk. Play a game of tennis or Monopoly.

If you’re into old movies, rent DVDs from the library. Go grocery shopping and cook a meal at home rather than eating at a fancy restaurant.

Date online. You can join online dating communities like eHarmony and use coupons for your membership.

Plus, you can pre-screen your date so that you don’t waste time and money getting to know someone who’s incompatible with you.

Before you whip out a coupon, gauge whether your date would be cool with it or not.

If you think they’re into couponing, crack a joke about your Groupon deal of the day, present the coupon to the server and carry on with your conversation.

If you think they’d freak out, sneak the coupon to the server en route to the washroom.

Saving money is sexy. Going into debt to impress a date is not.

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