Full-size living on Queen West - Metro US

Full-size living on Queen West

Despite the compact size of the 850-square-foot, two-bedroom model unit at the Queen St. W. & Beverley St. development, designer Alessandro Munge used full-sized furniture throughout the suite to drive home the fact that functionality does not have to be elusive in condo life.

“Often in these small units you think, ‘Oh my god, I can’t fit a sofa,’ so we wanted people to see they could invite people over — you’ve got a great carpet, a full couch. The proportions of the suite were important to me,” Munge said.

Contrary to some designers, Munge preferred to have the kitchen take a backseat to the overall look of the suite because he didn’t want it to dominate the space.

“In a modern open concept you need to be careful what you do with your kitchens. I find people get excited and overdo them. Our philosophy is they should blend into the interior, they shouldn’t overpower the look of the suite,” Munge said.

Unique, almost volcano-coloured veining on the counter top adds subtlety and depth with panelling on the dishwasher and fridge completing the muted look, drawing attention away from the appliances and helping the kitchen become an adornment to the suite rather than a focal point.

Munge hired local photographers to create unique art pieces that evoke different emotions in each room — in the master bedroom, the feeling created by the artwork is one of welcoming peace, something Munge preserved by maintaining the use of natural finishes and colours in the room’s design.

“Master bedrooms are a place of retreat, when you come home you just want to get your mind at ease and I feel the bedroom in this suite is a testament to that. There aren’t lots of patterns or crazy colours for a reason, we want it to be as timeless as possible,” Munge said.

The lowdown

  • The development: 12°
  • The builder: BSäR Group of Companies
  • The website: 12degrees.ca
  • Availability: Available now
  • The size and price: 440 – 1,700 sq. ft. units from the mid $300,000s to more than $1 million.

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