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Furry heroes honoured

It was a miracle nobody sullied the red carpet. Indeed, the inductees — wild-eyed, loose-tongued, and with no apparent regard for personal hygiene — drooled their way through the ceremony without even the slightest sense of decorum.

Not bad for three dogs and a cat named Nemo.

The Purina Animal Hall of Fame honoured four courageous quadrupeds from across Canada yesterday at the PawsWay Pet Discovery Centre on Queens Quay West. The inductees, though frightfully underdressed for the occasion, deserved every outburst of high-pitched praise.

For although they come in a variety of breeds and sizes, these best friends of men (plus one cat) have one thing in common: They have saved human lives.

“These animals have gone above and beyond the call of duty,” Purina’s Mary Siemiesz told the crowd of about 50, describing the pets as the “most humble of heroes.”