Gang members busted in fake cocaine ring - Metro US

Gang members busted in fake cocaine ring

It’s not just real cocaine that’ll land you in jail.

In a bust spanning from Brooklyn to the Hamptons, 18 people — some from the notorious Bloods gang — were pulled off the streets yesterday by Suffolk County cops.

Police said the suspects mixed up fake cocaine from Sheetrock and baking soda. They also sold real cocaine, funneling both to other dealers, according to an investigation by the East End Drug Task Force.

Seven were members of the Blood gang, according to the district attorney’s office, and one was a Crip.

Many in the indictment boasted a handful of other names, like “Priest,” “Smell,” “Uncle Kyle” and “Little Bow Wow.”

They were charged with conspiracy, criminal sale of a controlled substance, and criminal possession of wea­pons and guns. Bail amounts for some of the accused were set as high as $100,000 cash.

Cops seized drugs, guns, cash and counterfeit money — all evidence for a trial on drug-trafficking charges.

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