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Garage makeover easy

It is the perfect time of year for clearing out that garage, so let’s create a strategy to make it happen. Once there is a plan and a system in place for the sorting process, the organizing project becomes a reality.

If you have always wanted a functioning garage, here are some tips on how to get organized:

  • Use a large surface such as the lawn or driveway to sort your things.

  • Create large signs or labels for your categories such as garbage, recycling, charity, decorations, tools, gardening, and so on.

  • Have the following supplies on hand: a sheet to cover the ground; green garbage bags for trash; clear bags for giveaways or storage; recycling bags and bins; a variety of midsize cardboard boxes for either garbage, donations or storage; sharpie markers & masking tape for labelling; clear stackable bins for storing items; a pegboard for organizing tools; strong plastic five-tier shelving unit for maximizing vertical space; and wall hooks (variety of sizes).

  • Pull out one item at a time, and sort it. Continue until the garage is empty.

  • Clean the empty garage.

  • Place shelving units, pegboards and stacked bins first, followed by large pieces, such as furniture.

  • Assemble and place shelving in an accessible area; load with sorted items.

  • Install pegboard with hooks and hang tools.

Happy organizing!

Brenda Borenstein is your professional organizing guru. Look for her column every second Thursday. For more tips and ideas, visit www.organizedzone.comor call 416-665-2165. Brenda has organized hundreds of homes and says, “There is nothing I haven’t seen and nothing that can’t be overcome.”


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