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Garance Doré reveals why she’s the ‘ambassador of French style’

Garance Doré reveals why she’s the ‘ambassador of French style’

Nearly 10 years ago, Garance Doré started a little personal blog where she would post her fashion illustrations and street-style snaps, along with her stream-of-conscious musings about la mode, la vie and l’amour.

Now, the Corsican-born photographer is a bonafide fashion powerhouse, with her own studio in New York City, a portfolio that includes campaigns for the likes of J. Crew and Chopard, and a new book, called “Love Style Life.” Here, the 40-year-old, whose real name is Mariline Fiori, talks about oversharing, her famous friends and what she hates about fashion.

Why did you pick “Love” as the first word in the title?

Firstly, because I liked how it sounded! At the beginning, I wanted to call it “Pardon my French” or something like that, but my editors told me it was a bit reductive. I always wanted to talk about love … but on the blog, it’s not easy. With a book, you have the time, the distance. For me, being stylish is being a beautiful person, and a beautiful person knows how to love. “Love, Style, Life” is about a way of living.

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You are called the ambassador of French style. What do you think of this title?

I’m very happy that people are saying that! I never really think of what people think of me – I’m happy if they like me, obviously. I guess I have been talking about fashion for so long, it’s probably more because of my eye than my personal sense of style. I don’t put myself so much on the blog, it is more about showing other people. I guess through my choices, my vision, you can see my sense of style.

You have interviewed Jenna Lyons, Emmanuelle Alt, Diane von Furstenberg and Drew Barrymore for the book. Why these women?

I didn’t want the book to be me giving advice: I wanted to show that I also look up to women. When I lose my sense of style, Emmanuelle is like a compass, not necessarily because I try to imitate her but because she is so sure of who she is. Diane von Furstenberg has traveled through time; she has seen everything and she has so much to say. She has had highs and lows and she was able to talk about that. Jenna is a very good friend — she is somebody I call when I don’t know what to do. She is elegant and very modern. Drew is a great example of beauty because she has the pressure of being a celebrity but at the same time she is really down to earth. She is so cool and relaxed about herself.

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You have always talked openly about your private life, both when you were with Scott Schuman[ofThe Sartorialist]and now with your boyfriend Chris Norton. Why do you choose to be open about your relationships?

I do see my readers as kind of friends, and I feel like the less mystery you make the less people will bother you or create stories. It was never a problem to share about Scott; you want to share things when you love someone. I understand where celebrities are coming from, but you know when you love a famous couple [and] they break up and they say “the distance was too hard,” andyou are like “no, but really, what happened”?[Laughs.] I don’t explain these things per se, but I don’t make them a big mystery either.

Is there something you hate about fashion?

There is nothing that I hate — hate is a lot of energy — but obviously, the problem surrounding the lack of diversity annoys me. There is also the issue with overproduction. We are in a vicious cycle of making too many clothes that are not necessary. The [Paris Climate Conference] is happening right now, and we have a real problem of producing too much sh*t, and fashion is one of the biggest polluters. That’s why in the book, I focus on my essentials; when you have a few staple pieces, you don’t need a million things to look elegant.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to make it in the fashion industry?

Intern, intern, intern. Try to do a great Instagram or a great website. Right now, we are looking for a social media editor, and we are looking at Instagram accounts! Fashion is a great industry because you can really start working without diplomas.

By Elodie Noël