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Geek Girl in Hollywood: I’m worried about Sansa Stark on ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones
Sophie Turner's Sansa Stark may not be doing that hot on the new season of "Game of Thrones."
Credit: Helen Sloan, HBO

We’re two episodes deep into our seven episode season of “Game of Thrones.” A while back, I wrote an article called “In Defense of Sansa Stark.” Back then, I had a lot of respect for her character. “Sansa’s passivity and “girliness” may have gotten her into the situation, but it’s also gotten her out. Her ability to adapt has saved her life. She’s taken her “weaknesses” and turned them into strengths. As we saw in her final moments in Season 4, she’s adapting yet again, and no one is going to see her coming.” (It’s weird to quote yourself.)

After this Sunday’s episode, I’m concerned about what’s coming. It’s looking like she’s going to do something stupid. That’s all anyone has said about her since the episode aired. She’s going to join forces with Littlefinger. She’s going to ally herself with Cersei to prevent Daenerys from taking the North. She’s going to piss off Lyanna Mormont and get her head cut off. (Do not cross Lyanna Mormontl!) All sorts of things have been speculated on. I’m inclined to believe that at least one of those it true. Here’s why I’m fine with it, even though I disagree with her suspected choices.

First of all, it would make total sense. Sansa has been through a hell of a lot. Two marriages were forced on her. She was beaten, raped and held prisoner more than once. She was raised to be a soft, delicate Princess and she’s been through hell with no preparation. Of course she would resent her “brother” (R+L=J) for taking her power away when she just got some in her life. Some of his choices might not have been the best, or at least it would seem that way to anyone who hasn’t seen the white walkers. Sansa also just murdered her husband. Yes, he more than deserved to be eaten by dogs.

The thing is, this woman was not trained as a warrior. She had the intestinal fortitude and the need for revenge to get it done, but murder has an effect on people. She might not be making good choices after that. Look, it’s clear that even Arya is starting to show signs of what she’s become. (That Hot Pie scene! Hi Hot Pie!) She’s not thinking any clearer than Sam is when he decides to cure Ser Jorah despite what the Maesters will do to him for it. So, maybe now I’m done defending her character…but there is another reason I bring this up.

I just wanted to say that it’s notable that we have so many female characters doing more than just sitting around or being attacked this season. We had a war room full of Queens and female leaders of all ages. There are enough female characters of consequence on the show now that one of them making the wrong choices and seeming weak or petty doesn’t stand out.

Sansa doesn’t have to represent her entire sex, which often happens when there just aren’t that many. Many of us get angry when one of the few women on a show is weak or stupid because there just aren’t enough of them. I’ve had my issues with the portrayal of women in “Game of Thrones” in the past, but there are finally enough that I can be annoyed with Sansa and let it stand at that.

Do not piss off Lyanna Mormont.

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