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Genius or fraud?

According to Dave Hemenway, VP of production for Clean Energy Components (which is partially owned by Mantria), the plant was a month away from getting to full capacity where it could produce 20 tons a day of biochar (despite Mantria telling investors they were already producing more than that).

“We need to make a few more tweaks and adjustments and then we can go online full time,” he said.
The company is working with a shipping firm near Atlanta to ship the biochar. Integracore says it has sent out shipments of sample products and was ready for more.

“They owe us a lot of money, so we hope it works out,” said Integracore President and CEO Ted Broman, “If you’re going to screw people and steal money, you wouldn’t want to buy bags from me.

We were prepared and staffed up to be consumed by this … It sure seemed like there was going to be demand for this.”

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