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Get back to nature in your home

Incorporating flying or furry friends into decor can be done through practical or decorative accessories that can immediately rustle up a smile and add way-too-cute appeal to a room.

Rhonda Wolkove, founder of Toronto’s RLW Creative Designs Consultant, says decorating with animal shapes and prints makes people feel calm.

“It brings them a little bit closer to nature,” says Wolkove. “It’s whimsical, people just like to be able to feel good about what they look at. But for the most part … we all sort of have this need to share our inside with the outside.”

Exotic animal prints in draperies, bedding or pillows emphasizes the theatrical side of decorating, chosen more for the impact of what it looks like as opposed to the warm and fuzzy feelings of communing with nature and displaying little symbols of pets.

“In some cases depending on the animal print it’s more exotic and theatrical, like zebra carpeting and sheepskin rugs — a little more daring. It adds shock value,” she says.

“It’s different from the people who have statues of horses, lions or they collect elephants. There’s a whole different philosophy behind that. It’s the majestic beauty of the animal, the strength and the majesty of that particular creature.”

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