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Get geeked on tech toys

Boxing Day is a great time to pick up those cool tidbits of gadget heaven that you already have in mind. Here are a few goodies to consider during the inevitable shopping rush:

Under $100:

Bodyguard Cinema iPhone Case – $34.99

The iPhone certainly isn’t known for being one of the sturdiest contraptions, meaning some sort of protective case is necessary if you’re at all clumsy. Belkin’s Bodyguard Cinema takes away the need to find something to prop up your iPhone every time you want to sit back and enjoy a video because it has a kickstand built right into the body of the case.

Logitech Anywhere MX Mouse – $89.99

For the truly bohemian computer user, the Anywhere MX Mouse is a wireless, laser mouse that literally works anywhere, on any surface even including glass, that long-time nemesis of laser mice.

Under $200:

DJ Hero for Nintendo Wii – $129.99

DJ Hero is a ton of fun and really adds a fresh twist to the music-timing game genre by recreating the feel of being a real DJ in a way that doesn’t feel egregiously out of whack with reality.

Gigabit Powerline HD adapter – $149 – $179

If you want to stream HD video from your computer the he Gigabit Powerline HD adapter wins big points for being extremely simple. The system uses two small adapters that plug directly into wall sockets with one connecting to your Internet router and the other into devices like computers, TVs and gaming consoles. The latest firmware updates, which strengthen the signal when broadcasting between rooms.

Big Ticket Buy:

Sony Bravia VE5 Eco Series 40-inch LCD HDTV – $1,999.99

The Bravia line is a best-seller for Sony and for good reason — the TVs have bright, crisp colours and excellent picture quality.

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