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Get outdoors and see the city

The presents are all unwrapped and you’re still digesting the holiday feast from last night. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up in your winter gear and discover Edmonton’s gift of the great outdoors.

Whether you’re into hiking, skiing, skating, snowboarding, sledding … the list really goes on, and it’s all available to you in your own backyard.

Start with skiing, of the downhill variety. Forget the four-hour drive to the Rockies, they’ve been taken over by tourists. Stay in the city instead and enjoy a stunning view of Edmonton’s skyline on Connors Hill at the Edmonton Ski Club.

If downhill’s not your bag, Edmonton’s expansive river valley and parks system is perfect for cross-country skiing.

For those more comfortable on ice than snow, there are outdoor skating rinks all around the city. Some of the more popular destinations are the Hawrelak and Victoria Park ovals.

Finally, if you just feel like you need to get out of the city, about 40 minutes east of Edmonton is the Cooking Lake-Blackfoot recreation area. Almost 100 square kilometres of backcountry right next to Elk Island National Park.

The tree can come down next week and who wants to stand in line at a store anyway?

Edmonton’s outdoors is a gift you’ll want to return to all winter long.

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