Get ready for a stroll down the aisle at The Wedding Fair – Metro US

Get ready for a stroll down the aisle at The Wedding Fair

Here comes the bride…and her mother?

She may not be walking down the aisle, but one Calgary mother is taking pride in helping her daughter plan her wedding — just like she planned her own 26 years ago.

“I’m just helping and supporting her in what she wants for her wedding without trying to get too involved. But I feel special that she is including me in the process,” proud mom Lolita Lowden said at The Wedding Fair yesterday.

Lowden has been married for 26 years and hopes her 21-year-old daughter Sammy and her fiancé Brian, 25, will also find true happiness.

“I think my favourite part of this is watching her be in love and getting excited about her wedding, and I just enjoy seeing how happy she is,” Lowden added.

By yesterday’s bridal fair, Lowden already had her dress and the hall picked out for her July 10, 2010 wedding, but wanted to bring her mother along to get some unique ideas for the nuptials.

Sammy and her fiancé have been together for two years. Sammy said that since she is currently studying psychology at the University of Calgary, she appreciates all the help she can get from her mom.

“Oh, she has been wonderful and so helpful. And I can only hope that my fiancé and I are half as happy as a couple (like) my parents are,” Sammy said.

And fiancé? “I just wanted to be a part of the process, but I’m mostly looking forward to our marriage more than the wedding,” he said.

Wedding Fair producer Kathie James said about 6,000 people came out to the show for its 30th anniversary yesterday.

“We have something for everyone and everyone is really enjoying themselves,” James said.