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Get the scoop on Boston breweries with this new app

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Get the scoop on the Bay State beer scene. Photos Provided

For Massachusetts beer fans, there is finally a way to stay organized about getting boozed up thanks to the recently launched Mass Craft Beer app.

The mobile app and beer trail map was created by the Massachusetts Brewers Guild, a nonprofit organization and trade association that works to protect and promote the interests of craft brewers across the Bay State. The app allows users to find breweries near them, check-in to any they visit and add them to the app’s passport.

Users of Mass Craft Beer can earn ranks as they travel and explore the 120 craft breweries across the state. After you visit five breweries, you get a badge. Checking into 15 or more breweries from one part of the state means you’ve conquered it.

If you collect all of the regional badges, you can earn a special prize pack, which includes a pint glass, T-shirt and your name glorified on the guild’s website. Collect 100 stamps or more and have your name entered to win a beer dinner with Sam Adams’ Jim Koch, Harpoon’s Dan Kenary and Night Shift’s Rob Burns.

“Visiting our breweries is the best way to support the craft beer community in Massachusetts,” the guild’s executive director Katie Stinchon said in a statement. “Breweries employ locals, drive traffic and tourism to the state and pour world-class craft beer to thirsty locals and travelers. We hope this new program helps craft beer lovers find their next favorite beer.”

When the local craft beer community asked for an updated brewery map, Mass Brewers listened. They worked with Brewers Marketing, Mass Brew Bros, Fat Basset Design and New England Label to create the app.

The Mass Craft Beer app is free and available now on iTunes and Google Play, so you can start planning your tipsy tour of Massachusetts today.

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