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Get to know: Christina Perri

Sure, Christina Perri’s debut album “Lovestrong” landed in the top five of the Billboard charts the week it debuted, but perhaps even more noteworthy for the 24-year-old musician was the fact her double platinum first single “Jar Of Hearts” was performed by Lea Michele on the “Prom Queen” episode of “Glee” (is there a bigger stamp of having made it for musicians in our new pop culture landscape? Probably not). So now that she’s overtaking the airwaves and TV sets, we had the tattooed sensation give us a little bit of background information.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given:

You’re enough, just the way you are.

Favorite dish to cook for yourself when you’re not in a rush:

My favorite thing to make is a fruit salad. I use 13 different fruits, a melon baller, and I let it marinate in its amazing fruit juice deliciousness. Yum!

What is the most repetitive question you get asked on interviews?

“Does the guy you wrote ‘Jar of Hearts’ about know it’s about him?” The answer is yes! And he thinks it’s cool.

What reality show do you secretly want to be cast on?

“The Jersey Shore”!

What celebrity did you have a crush on as a teen?

Axl Rose and Johnny Depp

What’s the last song you listened to on repeat?

“Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron + Wine.

You are trapped on a desert island with a TV, a DVD player and the complete series discs of one television program. What is the program?

“Full House.”

Best/worst date?

Best date: Dinner and live music. Worst date: No dinner and a night club.

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