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Get you gear in order before hitting the greens

As the golf season gets started, new drivers are one of the most popular purchases at Golf Central in Bayers Lake and with good reason.

“Everyone in golf wants to hit it as far as you can and as straight as you can,” says manager Patrick Logan. “It’s always the driver’s fault.”

He recommends people get fit in store so the driver they buy matches their swing and has the appropriate loft and shaft flex.

One of the models generating a buzz this year is the Nike VR STR8-Fit driver, which retails for $499.99.

“They actually have an adjustable head design so you can change it to help hit the ball in the direction you need to and it also does change the loft slightly when you move the head into different positions,” says Logan.

That means the club can be customized to a person’s particular swing. Golfers’ swings also change throughout the season, so the head can be adjusted again later.

Other popular drivers include the PING G15 ($349.99) and the TaylorMade R9 Super TRI ($449.99).

One of the most interesting recent developments in the golf world has been the declining use of traditional pull carts.

“Generally, it’s not a good idea to pull your cart,” says Logan. “It’s actually very bad for your shoulder and back.”

This is where the Clicgear 3.0 push cart ($229.99) comes into play. The three-wheeled cart is similar to the three-wheeled running strollers — so people push the cart, rather than pull it.

On the clothing front, Logan says bolder colours and brighter designs are becoming more commonplace. Loudmouth Golf is at the forefront of this movement. It is the company that designed the pants the Norwegian men’s curling team wore at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Golf Central carries both pants ($99.99) and shorts ($89.99) by Loudmouth.

“They’re all pretty wild,” says Logan.

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