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Getting the skinny on digestion supplements

Bethenny Frankel just wants to make your life a little easier. She’s authored best-selling books and created the group of Skinnygirl Cocktails, fitness DVDs and a line of slimming undergarments.

She spoke with Metro about her two new supplement lines intended to aid digestion.

Was Skinnygirl Daily always in the plan for your Skinnygirl brand?

It was initially gonna be a book, because people keep asking me about cleansing. I’ve fasted, I’ve juiced, I’ve done everything, so people wanted me to write a book — and I probably will write a book — but I realized how much confusion there is on cleansing. The word “detox,” the word “cleansing,” people don’t know what it means, and the health food stores do not help because the products in there are all quick fix. It’s just not realistic, it’s not sustainable, it’s not gonna last. I’ve always had issues with digestion and not drinking enough water and not [eating] enough greens, so I decided to create something to just solve that problem.

How is your line different from other cleansers on the market?

It’s not harsh or extreme. It’s something you can take every single day and decide if you want to take it once a day or twice a day, you make it work for you. And it’s all-natural. A lot of products aren’t all-natural — they have bright things to make it taste better or bright colors — (this) is just an all-natural product that you can trust that keeps things moving.

What’s a typical day of eating like for you?

I don’t have a typical day. I like pizza, I like French fries. I eat differently every single day. I think when you’re doing something like this, you also feel a little bit healthier, so you’re not gonna be eating the whole pizza and cheeseburger and cheesecake. But it’s not about going on a crash diet either: The better foods you’re eating — the more high fiber and vegetables and brown rice — the better the product will work and the healthier you’ll just be and feel. It’s just an extra little push.

Where do you find the time to cook?

It doesn’t take that much time and I prepare in advance. Yesterday I made a bunch of food for the next three days.

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