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Getting to the business of curing aches and pains

Physiotherapy is a health care profession that deals with rehabilitating patients from problems caused by things such as disease and sports and work injuries.

“We get them back to doing what they want to be able to do,” says Mike Sutton, owner of The Physioclinic in Halifax.

Whether it’s an ache, a pain, or a joint that moves too little (or too much), physiotherapists can help. Physiotherapists develop treatment plans using exercise to help people increase endurance and strength, and improve balance.

A good physiotherapist will also help people deal with lifestyle and behaviour modification.
Anne Fenety, a physiotherapy professor at Dalhousie University says there are typically two types of injuries: acute and repetitive strain.

“The bottom line is it’s the kind of trauma that comes on over and over again and now it’s come to your attention,” says Fenety. “You need to do something about it.”

She says for both types of injury, prevention is key. This means having the proper training and equipment.

Timing is also important. When people begin to experience discomfort that does not go away within a reasonable period of time, they should seek treatment.

“The real key is to get in to see your physiotherapist sooner rather than later,” says Sutton. “A little bit of work now can save a lot of time later.”

Physiotherapists will help people with their injuries, but ultimately it’s the patients who cure themselves.

“Nobody will cure you,” says Sutton. “There is no magic bullet. At the end of the day, we will help you cure yourself.”