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Giants Pat Shurmur still believes in Jets Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater New York Jets

Rookie quarterback Sam Darnold might be the presumptive starter at some point this season for the New York Jets, but in the eyes of Pat Shurmur, don’t count out quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. 

Shurmur, the New York Giants head coach in his first year with the team, spent the past two seasons on the staff of the Minnesota Vikings. In this role, including as interim offensive coordinator in 2016 and then the full-time coordinator last year, Shurmur had gotten to know Bridgewater well.

Bridgewater, who is coming off a season-ending injury last year with the Vikings, is hoping for a fresh start in New York. The 25-year-old quarterback signed with the Jets this offseason and is in a quarterback competition with Darnold, the first round pick and the veteran Josh McCown, who impressed last year with the team.

However, Bridgewater has been nothing short of impressive so far in preseason.

“Am I allowed to talk about another team? I don’t want to get in trouble,” Shurmur said on Sunday when asked about Bridgewater.

“He’s an opponent, so I’ll talk about our opponent. Teddy is an outstanding, competitive guy and he’s got a unique charisma. When I was there with him, the whole area loved Teddy. He just had that way about him, and then when he got injured everyone was pulling for him to come back.”

“I’m thrilled for whatever success he’s having. I did peak at their game and it appears to me like he’s playing pretty well. The only thing I would say is don’t sleep on Teddy because I think he’s got it in him.”

Bridgewater has improved every week during training camp and preseason.

In last week’s preseason loss against the Washington Redskins, Bridgewater was 10-for-15 for 127 yards and a touchdown. He was also as equally impressive in the preseason opener two weeks ago. 

Therefore, coming off the injury last year that threatened Bridgewater’s limb amid concerns over a possible amputation, his comeback has been nothing short of remarkable.

“I was standing just a few feet from him when he had his injury and it was a very tough deal. It went from worrying about whether the nerve was going to be able to walk again, to now he’s out there playing,” Shurmur said. “I’m certainly very happy for Teddy.”