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Giants won’t sleep on backup QB Hill

At the time, Peyton Manning may have thought he sunk the Giants’ season. As it turns out, Eli’s brother may have saved it.

That Sunday night debacle in Indianapolis almost a month ago was a clear wake-up call. Since then, the Giants rank first in the NFL in yards allowed per game (244.6) and passing yards (146). They’ll be up against another air-it-out offense Sunday in the Lions.

“We are definitely going out there and executing assignments; but most of all, we’re just having fun,” said safety Antrel Rolle. “When you have fun, everything else just seems to fall in [to place].”

One-win Detroit does have the firepower to match the Giants’ arsenal. Backup quarterback Shaun Hill has filled in admirably for former No. 1 overall pick Matthew Stafford, who’s out with a shoulder injury.

Hill has thrown for 1,128 yards and eight touchdowns. He’s found a friend out of the backfield in Jahvid Best and keeps feeding beast receiver Calvin Johnson, who has 21 catches for 294 yards and four touchdowns.

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has had an answer for every high-powered quarterback the last three weeks. Chris Canty said count on another one.

“We are getting more comfortable in the scheme,” said Canty. “Coach Fewell is understanding the personnel, utilizing us and taking advantage of our strengths and try to minimize our weaknesses…guys are finally taking practice to the games on Sunday.”

Ever a disciplinarian, coach Tom Coughlin said he’s pleased with the way his defense bounced back. Now, if only they can stop the turnovers.

Sure, quarterback Eli Manning had a terrific game in Houston, last week, but there were still some throws where Coughlin shook his head. The coach chalked the errant throws to Manning just trying to make a play and stay aggressive but still needs his franchise signal-caller to stop giving away possessions.

“You don’t want to take that aspect away from him because he’s always trying to make a play,” Coughlin said when asked if he thinks of trying to reign in Manning. “He’s always trying to make something even if it’s something out of nothing and all I stress with Eli and with any of them is to be aware of the circumstances, know the situation, don’t put your team in jeopardy…throw it away. We’ll have a next play.”

Bottom line is Coughlin is aware that a team like Detroit can certainly come into the New Meadowlands Stadium and steal a game, so he doesn’t want to give the hungry Lions any extra help.

“We’ve got to stop this. It’s got to stop,” Coughlin said of winning games despite losing the turnover battle. “You come out of a [win] and you feel good about it [but] you also expect to be the team that wins the turnover battle — especially when you’re ahead in the game. We’d just like to put an end to this.”