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Girlfriend will stay in prison

After two days and about four hours of court hearings, Catherine Greig agreed to be voluntarily held in jail as her lawyer prepares more documents to try to convince a federal judge to release Greig to home confinement.

Yesterday, she agreed to be held until a judge can review those documents and make a decision.

It is not clear when that decision will be made.

Family members of the alleged victims of Greig’s boyfriend, accused mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger, spoke at her hearing in an attempt to keep her behind bars as she awaits her trial for allegedly harboring Bulger.

Greig, seated with her back to the podium, looked straight ahead and did not glance at the family members as they spoke.

“In my eyes … she’s an evil woman,” said Steven Davis, whose sister, Debra, was murdered.

Greig’s attorney, Kevin Reddington called Bulger associate Kevin Weeks to testify. Weeks said Greig would sit on a bench and feed birds while he and Bulger talked “business.”

“Her only crime is a crime of passion — falling in love,” Reddington said of Greig.

Prosecution witness and FBI Special Agent Michael Carazza continued his testimony from Monday. Prosecutors tried to show the judge that Greig willingly aided Bulger and concealed both of their identities to evade capture.

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