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‘Girls’: Where to drink and eat like your favorite millennials

Is Hannah your Is Hannah your “girl”? Take this quiz and find out.
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They may not be as glamorous as the cast of “Sex and the City,” but the women of “Girls” still know how to party. Check out this list to see where to drink and party like Hannah, Shoshanna, Jessa and Marnie.

The Ballroom at the Jane Hotel
113 Jane Street

This bohemian hotspot is right next to the Hudson River and used to be a hotel for sailors – it even provided shelter for Titanic survivors. Tally Schifrin, Hannah’s college classmate and nemesis, had her book launch party here.

Tom and Jerry’s
288 Elizabeth Street

Hannah, Marnie and Shoshanna were waiting to take Jessa to her abortion appointment, but Jessa chose to down a White Russian at this casual NoHo bar and hook up with a stranger.

Dylan’s Candy Bar
1011 Third Avenue

Shoshanna shows up late to Jessa’s appointment at the SoHo Women’s Clinic, but she does come armed with candy from Dylan’s. An abortion is exciting, right? Dylan’s Candy Bar is known primarily for its myriad sweets, but it also serves up candy-themed cocktails.

Café Carlyle
35 E 76th Street

It’s tense when Hannah’s parents come to town, but they spend time together at this classic cabaret spot. This bar is quieter than Hannah and her friends’ usual downtown (or Brooklyn) hotspots but it’s a good spot for a classic cocktail. Hopefully you’ll make out better than Hannah, who finds out here that her parents are cutting her off.

150 Varick Street

Maybe you don’t care about being polite, because it’s a Tuesday night and you’re alive, baby. If you feel this way and you want to pound your nipples through a fishnet tank top, then head to Greenhouse for a wild night of dancing.

530 Driggs Avenue

This French bistro in Williamsburg is where Hannah finds out she’s getting a deal for an e-book. Her quirky editor, David, says, “Who chose this restaurant? I don’t even think it was here last week.” David chose the restaurant, of course, and he and Hannah enjoy conversation over cocktails here.

The Abbey
536 Driggs Avenue

This pub in North Williamsburg is not actually featured on the show, but the boys of “Girls” have mentioned it before, and it’s right next to Fada.