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‘Giving is the only way of getting’

As a young boy growing up in India, Radhe Gupta was already thinking like a businessman.

“If I needed one dollar for school, I’d borrow three. One for school, one for a cushion for myself and the third dollar I would lend to someone that needed it.”

Gupta has turned that simple business practice into a multimillion-dollar real estate company in Edmonton.

He started buying real estate in 1989, and then got into condominium development.

From there he skillfully guided the company into developing whole communities and commercial property.

The Rohit Group of Companies grossed more than $150 million last year.

“My advice to future entrepreneurs is, never start any business cash short. You have to make sure you have extra means to cover the shortfalls.”

Gupta is telling his story and mentoring others now because he wants to give back to the community and country that gave him and his family so much.

He has a final message for every aspiring entrepreneur and business person reading his story today.

“I want them to think, ‘If he can do it, so can I.’”

Expert advice

A mentor and millionaire’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

  • If you need a penny, borrow three
  • Be fair, plus a little bit more
  • If you buy right, you can consider it half sold
  • Giving is the only way of getting
  • Pay on time. Money is best where it belongs.

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