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Glenn Beck leaving Fox News: Where to next?

Everybody in every media job is quitting that job this week! (Except for us! We’ve got bills to pay.) First came rumors that Katie Couric was leaving the “CBS Evening News,” then whispers Meredith Viera would leave “Today,” and now confirmation that Glenn Beck will part ways with Fox News.

Barring some sort of awesome three-way job swtich— Viera to CBS, Couric to Fox News to do whatever she wants for an hour, Beck to “Today” to become America’s new sweetheart — Glenn Beck is now out of a job. Some suggestions for his next career path, from least- to most plausible:

»Vice President of operations at George Soros’ Open Society Institute

»Secretary of Health and Human Services

»Communications Director, Council on American Islamic Relations

»UAW organizer

»Featured player, “Saturday Night Live”

»Keds spokesmodel

»Voice actor, “Muppet Babies”

»Rage Against the Machine backup vocalist

»Software developer (flowcharts division) at Microsoft

»Tour guide for the Thomas Paine Museum in New Rochelle

»Howard Beale in a future remake of “Network”

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