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Gloria Steinem shows off clitoris ring

Gloria Steinem is committed – to feminism. Steinem showed off a new ring on her left hand, and the silver jewelry piece showed something you usually find somewhere else on the body: a clitoris. Artist Swoon, a Gloria Steinem fan, gave her the ring, which boasts a well-endowed full internal clitoris.

Swoon wrote on Instagram: “OMG I just met Gloria Steinem! So I have her this gift. My friends just made this ring which represents…. disclaimer: it’s about to get graphic y’all – the internal clitoris. Raise your hand if you have any idea how actually massive the clitoris is? The little nubbin we are all so familiar with is just the tip, the full thing carries on well inside the body and is quite huge. Who knew? Turns out basically nobody did, till like the 90’s. So anyhow @penelopijones have made a ring which anatomically maps the beauty in it’s entirety – and when I found myself at a table with Gloria Steinem I took mine right off my finger and have it to her. Thanks lady hero!”

Steinem seemed happy with her gift, smiling and raising her finger high to flaunt the ring. The ring is made by Penelopi Jones, who sells it on her website in silver for $122 and in gold for $535. She also makes clitoris pendants.

h/t Gothamist

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