Go eat some pizza for a good cause tonight at Slice Out Hunger – Metro US

Go eat some pizza for a good cause tonight at Slice Out Hunger

Slice Out Hunger Dollar Pizza Party

Slice Out Hunger — the pizza festival where there’s, you know, actually pizza — is coming back, so get your stretchy pants ready for a good cause.

What is Slice Out Hunger?

Slice Out Hunger is New York’s largest (and most well-stocked) pizza party, where dollar slices are on sale for a very good cause. The ‘za is donated by more than 50 of Gotham’s beloved pie slinging shops like Di Fara, &pizza, Artichoke, Emily, Lombardi’s and Motorino.

It’s the perfect occasion for pizza lovers on both sides of the John’s of Bleecker versus Joe’s Pizza debate to stop the sauce slinging for one night and down a couple slices for a cause. Yes, both of those famous dollar slice dealers will be at the event. All the proceeds from the party are split evenly between The Sylvia Center and City Harvest.

How does Slice Out Hunger’s pizza party work?

Unfortunately, VIP passes (dubbed VIPizza Passports) are sold out, though you might want to mark your calendars for next year. Buying one of those golden tickets for $100 gets you early access to the entire array of ‘za.

At the door, you’ll buy $1 tickets based on how much pizza you plan on putting away. NOTE: You’ll need exact change. We’ll repeat that because it stands between you and delicious, delicious slices of pizza: You need to bring exact change for your tickets! You’ll be given red and blue tickets. Red tickets can be exchanged for a slice of pizza, but you’ll be limited to 10 and only one per person from any particular vendor. The blue tickets will get you drinks, dessert and raffle entries, none of which are limited. Cha-ching.



It’s worth noting again that you’re limited to one slice per pizzeria. Organizers want you to gather all of your pizza slices during one pass around the room instead of jumping here and there and interrupting the line. You’ll be given a GreenBox, as seen on Shark Tank, to hold your slices. Bonus: The lid turns into four plates so that you can gather some ‘za and then share with friends instead of having multiple people go through the whole process.

And, yes! For those of you with dietary restrictions wondering if you can attend the event and chow down with the rest of them, there will be gluten-free and vegan options available.

When is Slice Out Hunger?

Slice Out Hunger’s annual Dollar Pizza Party in New York City is tonight, Wednesday, October 4 at 6 p.m. EST. It will take place at St Anthony’s Church at 155 Sullivan St (at Houston). The carb-centric celebrations continue until all the pizza is gone, so get there early to ensure that you not only get pizza but also your choice of slice styles.

See the map below to find St Anthony’s Church if you’ve never been there before: