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Going modern for home decor

Simple, balanced, clean, classic, uncluttered.

Modern design, which revolves around simple and unique decor that flows easily and orderly from room to room, typically involves these key traits.

Toronto interior designer Renee Shostack says modern design begins with the shell.

“If you have a house that has blue carpeting or wallpaper, you are never going to get a modern look,” says Shostack, whose company, The Added Touch, specializes in transforming homes into modern Meccas.

Shostack says home owners must begin with paint and floor colours that are consistent throughout.

“You can’t change floors — tile here, wood here. You have to have one universal, solid look.”

Modern doesn’t necessarily mean white floor to ceiling, although all-white art galleries are common, as the perfect background for contemporary art. Limit colours and emphasize white, greys and black — or choose one accent colour and stick to it.

Avoid flowery and wooden designs and stay away from heavy pieces. Seek clean and uncluttered.

“Modern to me is everything in its place,” Shostack said. “Even with accessories, there has to be a place for everything. You can’t just put things out. There must be the proper contrast colour-wise, shape-wise, placement-wise.”

Shostack believes a modern space enables feelings of serenity and fosters creativity.

“Busy (decor) can cause feelings of being disjointed. Throw out a lot of crap you don’t need. But keep the pieces that you love and can incorporate eventually.”