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Going stargazing at TIFF? You know you want to…

So you want to see some stars at the film festival, do you? No need to feel ashamed. I have watched captains of industry and PhDs swoon at the sighting of a Jolie-Pitt.

The chance of actually meeting a star is nil to zero. But you can get within shouting range.
The most obvious place to see your favourite actor is at the red carpet entrance to the galas, located in front of Roy Thompson Hall on Simcoe Street. Barricades are set up opposite the entrance, but you can position yourself directly behind them and get a good view if you get there a few hours before the screenings. Much later than that, and you’ll only see the backs of your fellow star-gazers.

There are also the hotels where the stars stay: I’d recommend the Four Seasons and One Hazelton in Yorkville, and the new Thompson hotel downtown. Stand outside and be patient. Do not cruise the lobby unless you’re willing to have an overpriced drink at the bar.

Here’s a trick: wear a lanyard with some kind of official looking pass on it. It could be VIP credentials to a monster truck show; as long as it says VIP in big letters, you might be able to slip by a security cordon. Don’t laugh: I’ve done it!

Finally, TIFF is excited and proud about the opening of their new headquarters, Bell Lightbox, on King Street. The smart money says they’ll be showing it off to many visitors, and I’ll bet stars will be among them. And, with any luck, so will you.

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