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‘Good Man’ is good comedy

With “You’re A Good Man, Scott Brown,” Jeremy Brothers recaptures the insanity of the Bay State’s special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat and turns it into a very funny musical.

In Brothers’ interpretation, the ghost of the late liberal lion returns from the grave to oversee the process. Teddy, played by Trevor Livingston, is quick to offer advice as they stumble toward the finish line.

Brothers clearly gets the big picture, and his non-partisan lampooning of everyone from Joe Kennedy (Bryan Daley) to Brown (Evan Kaufman) is riotous. The parodies of Martha Coakley (Cathleen Carr) and Deval Patrick (Eddie Mejia) are comic perfection, and Scott Brown’s truck (played by Quinn Beswick) is reason enough to see this show.

Unfortunately, the musical part isn’t as good. The fault is not with (lyricist) Brothers or composer Jim Zaroulis, but rather a cast who can’t sing. This troupe creates some stellar comic moments, but only Beswick and Molly Schreiber (who plays Brown’s wife Gail Huff) deliver consistent, solid vocals. The others range from passable to dreadful.

There are also issues with sight lines and sound, but none of this stops the audience from roaring throughout the 90-minute show.

‘You’re A Good Man, Scott Brown’

Wed. & Sun. through April 28

Improv Asylum, 216 Hanover St., Boston, $30, 617-263-6887


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