Google, Facebook and others sign brief urging Trump to reinstate DACA – Metro US

Google, Facebook and others sign brief urging Trump to reinstate DACA

Google, Facebook and others sign brief urging Trump to reinstate DACA

Google, Facebook, Uber and Lyft have joined more than 100 other tech companies in defense of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that President Trump wants to get rid of.

The amicus brief, a document used to support a case, was signed to support a filed lawsuit that challenges the Trump Administration’s decision to cancel the program.  A number of tech companies filed the brief including. Airbnb, Microsoft, Twitter, eBay, IBM, Verizon Communications Inc. and other tech companies filed this document to have the DACA program reinstated.

The document supports a lawsuit filed by California Attorney Xavier Becerra on Wednesday in federal court. His goal is to challenge and put a block Trump’s plan to eliminate DACA.

The tech companies that have filed the amicus brief all believe immigrants are important to sustaining the U.S. economy and by getting rid of the DACA program would prevent companies from growing.

Apple Inc. also showed their support for the DACA program and believe

“Apple will be harmed significantly if it can no longer benefit from the hard work, creativity, and intelligence of its employees with DACA status,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s vice president of people, according to Reuters.

According to the filing, Apple has more than 250 employees who benefit from the DACA program.

In September, President Trump announced his plan to end DACA, which was created in 2012 by former president Barack Obama.  Before announcing his decision CEOs of tech companies signed a letter urging the president not to eliminate the program that has proved to be valuable to many tech companies in the country.

While it is unclear whether this latest effort to reinstate DACA will have any impact, it is clear that tech companies around the country believe the program is necessary.

The amicus brief states: “DACA is a concrete and essential example of America fulfilling its centuries-old promise to welcome people from around the world seeking a better and a freer life. And no group is more deserving of that welcome than the Dreamers.”