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Grab a cap and join the Be Bold, Be Bald! battle against cancer

Be Bold, Be Bald!

In the fight against cancer, no show of solidarity goes unappreciated. This Friday, thousands will show their support for the many cancer patients undergoing treatment every day by participating in the national Be Bold, Be Bald! campaign.

From coast to coast, people will wear bald caps all day long to raise awareness and funds for cancer charities. This simple act reminds us all of the strength of cancer patients and brings comfort to those fighting the disease.

Be Bold, Be Bald! was started by Jeff Freedman, owner of Boston-based advertising agency Small Army, and his employees after the death of their co-founder and creative principal, Mike Connell. When Connell lost his battle with cancer, the Small Army team turned their grief into action by starting Small Army For A Cause in his honor. Their organization raises funds for a broad network of cancer-related charities.

“Witnessing Mike’s heroic, two-year fight, we saw firsthand the courage and strength cancer patients have,” said Jeff Freedman in a statement. “He inspired us to continue that fight ourselves and to do so in a way that would truly represent the boldness of Mike and his ideas.”

This movement calls on any individuals and businesses willing to wear bald caps to join the cause. There are over a dozen local organizations, hospitals and charities that will benefit from this support, including Facing Cancer Together, Heaps of Hope, Inc., Boston Medical Center Cancer Care Center, Lowell General Hospital TeamWalk for CancerCare and more.

Holly Walton, the president of Heaps of Hope, Inc. says that the Be Bold, Be Bald! campaign is often the largest source of funds that her organization has to help cancer patients. Due to the fundraiser, Heaps of Hope has helped a patient who had to decide between paying their rent or getting their cancer medication, another who could not afford to pay for medication after having surgery to treat her colon cancer and many others.

“Be Bold, Be Bald! is what keeps us going throughout the year,” says Walton. “Nearly every dollar goes to help a patient with cancer. We could not do what we do without it.”

The Be Bold, Be Bald! fundraiser has proudly supported cancer patients since it’s start in 2009. During last year’s event, a national internet hack interrupted hours of crucial fundraising time for dozens of cancer fighting beneficiaries across the country. Despite that, the movement is set to continue as strong as ever and is prepared to raise even more for the patients it supports.

Head to the Be Bold, Be Bald! website if you’d like to receive a Bald Kit that includes a bald cap and other fundraising materials, which cost $10 to cover materials and shipping. You can also help out the cause by making a donation.

Be Bold, Be Bald! has raised over $1.2 million for the fight against cancer.